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The Nairobi chapter of YWSE was founded in March 2012 by Natalie Grant Logan and Rachel Zedeck who identified a gap in how women were communicating and cooperating. They quickly connected with the New York chapter of YWSE and organized the first dinner. The Nairobi chapter aspires to develop an organization which boosts women, whether local or international to accomplish their professional goals sharing both their struggles and successes. Four ideals born from the Nairobi chapter include:

  • Young is a concept of spirit – age is only a number.

  • Social enterprise can simply be a model of doing ”good“ business. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and believe in your own abilities. If you have time and expertise to offer, please share it.


If you would like to get in touch about speaking opportunities, event partnerships, or other inquiries, please email us at nairobi@ywse.org

“YWSE’s Nairobi chapter aspires to be an organization which boosts women, whether local or international, to accomplish professional goals by sharing both struggles and successes.”
— Rachel Zedeck, Backpack Farm Agriculture Program

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Natalie Grant Logan

Natalie is a geek, artist and intra/ entrepreneur. She loves using her analytical skills to discover creative solutions for start-ups: whether a new venture or a business unit within an established organization. She has over 15 years of international development management experience, working across Europe, Central Asia and Africa. With over 50 business ideas in her pocket, she will finally launch in 2016.

Natalie holds an MBA in International Organizations from the University of Geneva, and an MA in Psychology from the University of St Andrews. She is currently consulting at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), while building a body of illustration portraits. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys exploring and going on adventures with her husband and three young children.

Rachel Zedeck

Rachel is an internationally recognized social entrepreneur for her work in post conflict communities, including Kosovo, Iraq, South Sudan and Kenya. She is the Founder and Chief Catalyst of the Medea Group Limited and its internationally recognized social enterprise Backpack Farm Agriculture Program, receiving the 2010 UNEP/UNDP SEED Award for "green" enterprise, the 2010 Cordes Fellowship, the 2012 GSBI Fellowship in social enterprise and the 2012 KATERVA Award for Sustainability in Food Security.

Rachel’s long term vision is to empower commercial, governmental and non-profit organizations with unique knowledge to make critical decisions, leverage opportunities and minimize risk in conflict or post-conflict regions. She is actively developing commercial, agriculture initiatives targeting East and Sub Saharan Africa's community of smallholder farmers to produce commercially viable, socially responsible chains of high nutrition produce for local and export markets.

She holds multiple degrees including a BA in International Relations from George Mason University and MA in International Security Studies from the University of Bradford. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys gardening, baking bread, kickboxing, Bikram yoga and always need a morning coffee.

Roselida Parker

Roselida is a committed self-starter and has already started two business: Director of Operations Equilibrium Limited and Managing Director Social Circle (K) Limited. Worked in both private and non-profit organizations managing operations, administration and information technology. In her own words is, "in love with social business and would love to start one in the near future.”

She holds a BSc in Information Technology and will complete her MBA this spring. In her spare time, she hikes, travels of fun, practices Bikram yoga and reads anythign and everything she can find!

Roshni Walia

Roshi is a graduate from Sewanee: The University of the South, with honors in Economics, and a gold medal distinction from LAMDA in public speaking. She moved back to Kenya a year ago, and has recently gotten into independent consultancy. She speciaises in writing and helping organisations and individuals transform their messages and get them across more effectively in a variety of ways. She also has a blog, The Kenyan Nomad (www.meandmine-r.blogspot.com). Roshni loves the potential that all the YWSE women have, and is excited to work with the network.

Ranjeeta Walia

Ranjeeta is a qualified accountant with an MBA from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. She has over ten years of experience which includes experience in audit, the corporate and non-profit sectors. She currently works as Senior Finance Manager in a multi-media research and production company dealing primarily with social change.

Rachel Peletz

Rachel heads the Kenyan office of the Aquaya Institute, a research and consulting organization dedicated to improving water and sanitation in the developing world. She has worked in 16 countries across four continents and has published over 10 academic journal articles. Rachel has a PhD degree from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, a Masters of Engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a BS degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Ali Datoo

Alia is a dynamic and Self-Driven individual who is passionate life and everything it has to offer. With a BA in Business Operations and a background in IT, she is an entrepreneur, an avid blogger and loves to read. With a penchant for helping others, she is the training facilitator for the YWSE and would like to equip the members of the network will all skills required to run their social enterprises. When not involved in one of her projects, Alia is also a graphic designer, practices Yoga, and enjoys a good game of tennis