Championing Women Social Change Leaders in Kenya


Welcome to the YWSE-Nairobi Chapter! We are the newest chapter of the YWSE parent organization. We felt strongly Africa needed to be represented and even more strongly we needed a framework to support each other reach our goals working and living in Kenya. YWSE was created and is administered by the women it serves. YWSE serves women with a socially conscious agenda who are founders and leaders within businesses, non-profits, and government organizations. We use 'young' to describe our target audience of women who are 'young' in their ventures – professionals in development stages of any aspect of their entrepreneurial careers – i.e. everyone is welcome! Hundreds of women are currently participating in the network.

The Nairobi chapter of YWSE was founded in March 2012 by Natalie Grant Logan and Rachel Zedeck, who identified a gap in how women were communicating and cooperating. They quickly connected with the New York chapter of YWSE and organized the first dinner. The Nairobi chapter aspires to develop an organization which boosts women, whether local or international to accomplish their professional goals sharing both their struggles and successes. Four ideals born from the Nairobi chapter include: Young is a concept of spirit – age is only a number. Social enterprise can simply be a model of doing ”good“ business. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and believe in your own abilities. If you have time and expertise to offer, please share it.