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Young Women Social Entrepreneurs is a global values-based learning community to support the next generation of women changemakers and YWSE cities with active chapters proudly welcome new members to join the community! 

What to know

  • Each YWSE chapter is all-volunteer organized 
  • Events and workshops vary by city and are driven by the needs of its members
  • The 'Young' designation of YWSE is a concept of spirit – age is only a number and our members reflect a range of generations
  • Contact YWSE chapter directly or fill out the form below

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Interested in launching a chapter of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs in your city? We are thrilled to host a global network of women changemakers committed to building community and driving positive impact in the world. If you're interested in starting a YWSE chapter, read below for more information and contact us today! 


  • YWSE Global facilitates new chapter on-boarding and guide new chapter leaders through our chapter manual 
  • Prospective chapter leaders join our monthly All-Hands calls for updates with current chapter leaders, Global Council members and YWSE Global board members

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